About us

Our goal is to facilitate the expression of gratitude and kindness through the creation of products and software that promote the sharing of stories and memories.

Our mission

Make the world a more appreciative place, and bring stories together to share and cherish our memories.


We want to make appreciation and gratitude a daily practice by providing innovative tools and resources that foster the expression of kindness and positivity.

Story capturing

Relivo helps simplify the process of bringing  stories together for sharing, structuring and reliving our memories.


Make your people feel seen and valued in a personal way to strengthen the connection.

Meet our team

We aim to create a more appreciative world by fostering the sharing of stories, memories, and expressions of kindness and gratitude.

Our Partners

Our values

At Relivo, we value honest appreciation, kindness, being learners and teachers. People should grow in a innovative and supportive environment.


Appreciation is a key component of our culture, as we strive to foster an environment of kindness, respect, and recognition for everyone's contributions.

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It is essential to create an open and honest environment where questions can be asked and answered.

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Being Teachers

We encourage everyone to share their knowledge and experience with others,  to learn from each other to become the best version of themselves.

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We believe that by embracing curiosity and questioning assumptions, we can unlock our full potential and create a culture of growth and progress.

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We use the latest technology to develop robust and scalable software solutions that meets the needs and expectations of our clients, while providing the best possible user experience.